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Grinder Pumps 500

Duplex Pump Station - 500 Gallon Sewage Lift Station with ...

The typical application for this package is to pump sewage and wastewater from a residential or commercial property to a city sewer. PUMP STATION FEATURES: 70'' x 67'' Basin with 500 Gallon Capacity. (2) 2.0 HP Liberty Grinder Pumps with 1-1/2'' Discharge. 30 GPM @ 80ft of Head, Shut Off: 110ft of Head. 230VAC, 15.0A, 60Hz, 1 Phase.

What is a Grinder Pump? | Union Rome Sewer

May 05, 2020· A grinder pump is placed in a tank (or well) that is buried in a convenient outdoor location on a homeowner's property (grinder pump units also can be purchased for inside installation). The tank provides wastewater holding storage capacity. When water is used in the house, wastewater flows into the tank. When the wastewater in the tank ...

Pentair Myers VS(X)30 & VS(X)50 Centrifugal Grinder Pumps

The Myers VS30 and VS50 grinders feature a patented axial cutter design to effectively macerate challenging sewage solids into a fine slurry. These rugged 3-5 horsepower submersible centrifugal grinder pumps are available in standard flow or high head configurations making them ideal for commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

Hydromatic Pump - Hydromatic HPGFX500DC Hazardous ...

5.0 HP 200V 3PH Manual 35' Cord - Hydromatic Hydromatic, HPG, HPGH, HPGF, HPGHH, HPGFH, Submersible Positive Displacement Grinder series pumps are suited to wet-well installation in a wide variety of municipal, industrial and building trades applications

Grinder Pumps | James City County, VA

A grinder pump unit includes the pump, tank and all controls packaged together. They grind most solids into fine particles, which then pass through the pump and smaller diameter pipe lines. Using facilities in your home automatically activates the grinder pump, which has an annual energy consumption not much more than a 40-watt light bulb.

Pentair Hydromatic HPGF/HPGFH Centrifugal Grinder Semi ...

Hertz: HPGF and HPGFH RPM: 60Hz and 50Hz Phase: 1750 for 60 Hz and 1460 for 50 Hz Horse Power: 1Ø / 3Ø Motor Type: 3, 5, and 7HP Temp: Oil cooled induction Operation: 140º F Ambient Thermal Overload: Bi-Metallic Temperature: Max.Water 140º F NEMA Design: 1Ø Type L, 3Ø Type B Insulation: Class F Discharge: 2" NPT on HPGF, 3" 125# Flange on HPGFH

25. Grinder Pump, Pressure Sewer System.

Grinder Pump, Pressure Sewer System SEWER DESIGN GUIDELINES 2008 S-25.3 g) In computing the static head, base the pump elevation on the developer's proposed elevation at which the grinder pump will be installed. h) Centrifugal grinder pumps should not be designed to operate at or below the pump's cut off point.

Waste Water Pumps | KSB

The new generation of waste water pumps: in combination with non-clogging impellers and high-efficiency KSB motors, the Amarex KRT and Sewatec type series offer even better overall efficiency. Reliable and efficient: the new non-clogging impeller Maximum efficiency, minimum clogging risk due to the asymmetric arrangement of its vanes, the free-flow impeller F-max …

500 Gallon Duplex Sewage Lift Stations for Residential ...

500 Gallon - Our Duplex Pump Stations can be used as lift stations in most residential applications and many light commercial applications. These lift stations are designed with two submersible pumps that alternate cycles or can both pump at the same time if necessary. This type of lift station is commonly used when not having any down time is essential and that is …

grinder pump from Northern Tool

Shop 9 grinder pump at Northern Tool + Equipment. Gol Pumps Sewage-Drainage Submersible Water Pump 3 HP, Max. Flow 2532 GPH, Horsepower 3 HP, Port Size 1.25 in, Model# GRINDER GD-30-30T KW 2.2 60HZ 460V 3PH

Alarm Going Off On Sewer Grinder Pump | Sewer Grinder Pump ...

Jun 14, 2018· The grinder pump in your yard is part of the larger Cabot WaterWorks sewage. Turn off the alarm by depressing the alarm silence button on the bottom of the. While on Vacation If you are going to be away from home for more than seven days, the. holding basin, a 1-hp pump, on-off controls and a high water alarm. ...

Grinder pump sewage lift stations from Triple D Pump

Grinder lift stations fit residential, commercial, and municipal installations. Triple D can design a grinder station with wet wells as small as 24" diameter x 36" deep, and as large as 12' diameter x 30' deep. Our grinder pumps have a multi-vane impeller, cast iron with hardened stainless steel cutter, and bronze or stainless steel components.


SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE GRINDER PUMPS HYDROMATIC ® Models HPGF/HPGFH Submersible Sewage Grinder Pumps Performance Data 10 CAPACITY-G.P.M. TOT AL D YNAMIC HEAD-FEET 20 60 100 140 160 200 50 70 90 110 7-1/2 HP 40 80 120 180 30 10.5" DIA. 10.13" DIA. 8.0" DIA. 5 HP 3 HP Dimensional Data All dimensions in inches (mm). Metric …

GRINDER 500 - COMEX - Water pumps and Equipment

GRINDER 500. Grinding submersible pump in cast-iron for sewage water, 2 poles, 3.7kW, Max head: 32 m, Max capacity: 320 L/min. Description. The grinder pumps are provided with a cutting system able to chop up paper, little ropes, towels, napkins, leather, objects in plastic, rubber, lattex or other fibrous parts present into the sewage water.

: upflush pump

Upflush Macerating Toilet System with 500 Watt Macerator Pump and Extension Pipe Between Toilet and Pump, Silent Seat Cover Round Bowl, Nano Glaze Finish (FLOWC500-2) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $829.99 $ 829 . 99

The 5 Best Sewage Grinder Pumps - 2021 Reviews

Information » The 5 Best Sewage Grinder Pumps. A sewage grinder pump can destroy debris and clog causing particles in your home's wastewater. Not every home needs a grinder pump – if your home needs one to prevent drain line damage you will know!


Dec 30, 2016· a. Grinder pump systems should be located to optimize accessibility for preventive maintenance or repair purposes. b. The control panel for the grinder pump should be located in line-of-sight from the grinder pump itself. c. Grinder pumps should be installed within wet well chambers supplied as a packaged unit. d.

Residential Grinder Pumps - Sump Pumps Direct

Residential grinder pumps feature sharp blades that are able to grind solid wastes into manageable slurries that can be easily transported out of the home and into a sanitary or septic system. Designed to provide years of reliable performance in your home, residential sewage grinder pumps can handle even the toughest solids without getting clogged.

Pentair Myers WG(X)30H, WG(X)50H, & WG(X)75H Centrifugal ...

The Myers WG (X)30H, WG (X)50H, and WG (X)75H are rugged 3, 5, & 7 1/2 horsepower submersible centrifugal grinder pumps designed for residential, light commercial, industrial or municipal applications in both hazardous and standard locations. Find out where to purchase online or in a retail location near you.

Grinder Pump- Frequently Asked Questions

Grinder Pump- Frequently Asked Questions 1.-What is a grinder pump? A grinder pump is a pumping unit consisting of a pump and small pipe from the unit to the sewer system. Installed outside of your home, grinder pumps are used to discharge wastewater from your home to the sewer system in the street or right-of-way.

Grinder Pumps | Pentair

Pentair grinder pumps feature a patented axial cutter technology that easily slices through solids and trash found in domestic wastewater without roping or clogging. They come with plenty of standard features to make installation a breeze.


MOYNO® 500 PUMPS Page: 1 of 6 Date: March 1, 1998 SERVICE MANUAL MOYNO® 500 PUMPS 400 SERIES GRINDER PUMPS 41502, 42202,43302, AND 44402 MODELS DESIGN FEATURES Housing: Cast iron Pump Rotor: Chrome plated AISI 416 stainless steel Pump Stator:NBR (Nitrile) Shaft: AlSl 416 stainless steel Bearings: Prelubricated, fully sealed ball …

500 Gallon Pump Station with 2.0 HP Sewage Grinder Pump

70'' x 67'' BASIN, 2.0 HP GRINDER PUMP, 110 FT OF HEAD, 50 GPM. This 500 gallon fiberglass pump station comes pre-assembled and ready to install with all of the components needed to install direct burial in-ground sewage lift station. This system is designed for raw sewage pumping applicaitons.

Best Submersible Grinder Pump | 2hp GP-212 | Macerator Pump

The Showfou GP series submersible grinder pump for sewage, known as macerator submersible pump or cutter pump, is mostly used in pressure sewage systems. The pump is designed to reduces waste content to fine slurry, pumped through small-diameter pipes.

Grinder Pumps / Systems

30"x48" 2 hp Pre-Assembled Simplex Grinder Package . 2 hp 1-1/4" Discharge . For residential and commercial applications, the 3048LSG is a complete factory assembled simplex grinder package featuring the LSG200-Series 2 hp Omnivore ® grinder pump. All internal brackets, floats, guide-rail base and discharge piping is pre-installed at the factory saving hours of labor …

Grinder Pumps - T. G. Rankin

A grinder is typically a higher-powered (1HP and greater) pump fitted with sharp cutters to shred solids and move them under high pressure usually in a relatively small diameter pipe. Grinders are most commonly used for lower flows and high pressure or higher head applications. A grinder is normally used when pumping into a pressure sewer ...

500 Gallon Pump Station with 1.0 HP Residential Grinder Pump

Print. 70'' x 67'' BASIN, 1.0HP GRINDER PUMP, 50 FT OF HEAD, 46 GPM. This 500 gallon fiberglass pump station comes pre-assembled and ready to install with all of the components needed to install a direct burial in-ground station. The ProVore grinder pump included in this system is designed for handling raw sewage and tough solids.

Liberty Pumps - Grinder Pumps - Liberty Grinder Pumps ...

Grinder pumps break down solids into small particles prior to being passed to the discharge by the impeller under high pressure. Applications include individual or groups of homes, motels, schools, shopping centers, lakefront developments and …